Food you MUST TRY in Sri Lanka

To lie by the beaches in the tropical islands and bask in the sun – Ah! I love that summer feeling and in the tropics, summer lasts almost all year long. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I had a fabulous time in Sri Lanka and while the beaches were pristine, the safaris inspiring and the ambience leisurely, the food, you must know was absolutely delicious and flavourful! Sri Lankan cuisine is also proof that somethings can be easy to prepare and taste like the world melted in your mouth.

Whenever you travel to Sri Lanka, you must try their traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Here’s a list of delicious dishes.

1. Hoppers

Two types of hoppers were served to me every breakfast in Sri Lanka. String hoppers can be had with a curry and I relished every bite with a variety of curries. The egg/tea leaves/honey hoppers were great too with some chutney served on the side.

2. Coconut Sambol

I remember having Coconut sambol with almost every meal – breakfast, lunch and yes, dinner too! I loved it so much that I asked the Chefs in Sri Lanka for the recipe – it sure is easy to prepare and can be eaten as a side dish.

3. Devilled Fish

This tangy and sweetish flavoured mixture with fish the size of your little finger tastes best with steamed rice. It was usually tempered with onions and chillies.

4. Kiri Hodi

Kiri hodi is a breakfast dish made of rice from the previous night. It’s like a runny porridge with coconut milk and tastes amazing with a bit of spice. Best way to understand the taste of Kiri hodi is by tasting it the next chance you get.

5. Crab

It should be no surprise that you will find a large seafood spread in most restaurants in Sri Lanka. I ate a lot of seafood on the island and it did not disappoint. I also dined at The Lagoon in Colombo city and the Crab restaurants in Nilaveli and Hikkaduwa. If you have time, you must visit Ministry of Crab in Colombo.

6. Dhal Curry

Usually had along with steamed rice, the Sri Lankan dhal curry is similar to the Indian Maharashtrian dal except for the coconut milk which is not used in the Indian version. A serving of steamed rice and dhal curry could keep you full for quite a while.

7. Sri Lankan Chicken Curry / Prawn curry

One of my personal favourites among the Sri Lankan curries is, hands down the chicken and prawn curry, partly because I got an opportunity to prepare them for a hands-on masterclass. I have tried cooking it a couple of times with the spices I picked up from Sri Lanka. That’s one of the ways I re-live my days from Sri Lanka even while I’m nestled away from the tropics.

8. Curd and Treacle

Curd and treacle is the perfect dessert if you’re looking for an option that is low on calories, healthy and sweet, all at the same time.

9. Seeni Sambol

Another sweet and tangy blend on the palette is the seeni sambol, a tempered onion side dish which doubles up as a chutney.

Have you tried Sri Lankan cuisine? Did you like it?

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