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    Berlin’s for the culture vulture

      Hey everyone, as a first of a new series of guest posts on TheNicologue, I invited a friend to share her travel experience from her recent trip to Berlin, Germany. Trishann and I first met in college while pursuing a Mass Media degree. She went on to work as a content contributor and editor for magazines as well as corporates. She was one of those people who was always reading a novel or biography, and who loved literature. Other than that, she’s a compulsive tea drinker, obsessive book hoarder, serial snacker, determined dreamer, and an unapologetic feminist—in no particular order. Find her interesting? Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on Facebook…

  • Food you must try in Sri Lanka

    Food you MUST TRY in Sri Lanka

    To lie by the beaches in the tropical islands and bask in the sun – Ah! I love that summer feeling and in the tropics, summer lasts almost all year long. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I had a fabulous time in Sri Lanka and while the beaches were pristine, the safaris inspiring and the ambience leisurely, the food, you must know was absolutely delicious and flavourful! Sri Lankan cuisine is also proof that somethings can be easy to prepare and taste like the world melted in your mouth. Whenever you travel to Sri Lanka, you must try their traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Here’s…