48 hours in Coorg, India

An ecstatic friend called me on a Sunday evening, exclaiming that Go Air had a sale and return tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore were available for a steal! He was booking them and wanted to know if I’d travel too. The enthusiasm in his voice rubbed off on me instantly and I jumped in and said yes instantly. It was a while since I had taken a break from routine. He also managed to get two other friends excited enough to book that evening. This was the first time I gave in to spontaneity.

Only after our tickets were booked for a long weekend did four of us decide where in Bangalore would we head to. None of us had been to Coorg and hence it seemed like an obvious choice to head there for a getaway.

6:00 AM We left early on a Friday morning from Mumbai and landed at 7:30 am in Bangalore. Our pre-booked rental car and driver arrived 30 minutes later and we were soon headed towards Coorg. We had skipped breakfast in flight and were now ravenous. With rolled down car windows, we craned our necks to spot A2B Adyar Anand Bhavan, a well-known chain of restaurants for a good South Indian breakfast.

Bangalore to Coorg Highway
Bangalore to Coorg Highway

9:30 AM We finally spotted it and had a lavish South Indian spread with dosas, idlis, vadas, a variety of chutneys, sambar and sweet, gearing up for our six-hour long drive to Coorg. The clear roads lined with lush green foliage, an enthusiastic driver and a mixed playlist & FM radio ensured we were entertained throughout. Our next stop was directly in Mysuru/Mysore for lunch.

2:00 PM We left our inhibitions and stepped into a dimly lit room which was all that the café comprised of along with a smaller attached room where meals were being cooked. Mutton curry with a traditional ball of bread and steamed rice is all that is served for lunch at Military Café, Mysore. We sat side by side with the locals as we were served in large portions. Only the guys managed to wipe their dishes clean. Needless to say, this was a truly authentic experience of finger-licking good traditional food. We set off again towards Coorg.

4:00 PM We reached Coorg Jungle Camp after manoeuvring and mapping the road on our barely-there phone batteries. The resort was located on the banks of the backwaters in Herur and amidst a dense forest, away from the main hustle & bustle of the city. The Cicadas orchestrated a welcomed us as if it was routine for them while we drove through the pathway leading to the resort. The first view we saw of the backwaters confirmed that our decision to stay here was worth it.

View of the backwaters at Herur at twilight
View of the backwaters at Herur at twilight

7:00 PM We biked in and around the resort and also took turns for boat rides in the serene backwaters. We opted for an early dinner after a long day of driving and retired for the night.

6:00 AM We woke up to a beautiful misty view with the joyous chirping of countless birds. A stroll by the backwaters seemed perfect for the moment and after a quick breakfast, we headed out. Our first stop was Abbey Falls, crowded with tourists because of the long weekend. We still got a good spot to take in the falls and the spray from it. We then headed to Capitol Village Resorts, a large family-owned home-style resort. The resort barely had any guests because like Coorg Jungle Camp, it was away from the main city of Madikeri.

Morning view from our cottage at Coorg Jungle Camp
Morning view from our cottage at Coorg Jungle Camp

1:00 PM Lunch was a delicious spread of Pandi curry (a traditional pork curry from Coorg), rice rotis and traditional chicken curry! We walked around lazily in the large compound of Capitol Village Resort before being led to the family’s own coffee plantation where, because of the monsoon, we were greeted with leeches of varying sizes*. When in Coorg, remember to visit a coffee plantation and sample the coffee. Our guide, Dev advised us to pull them away and fling them afar right when we spotted them on our bare skin. We obeyed.

Pandi Curry and rice rotis at Capitol Village Resort, Coorg
Pandi Curry and rice rotis at Capitol Village Resort, Coorg

4:00 PM We bid goodbye to Dev and drove to the city area to shop for vanilla pods, coffee beans and a coffee scrub to take back along with the lovely memories. We visited Raja’s Tomb and the toy train on our way to the city. The toy train ride took us back in time to when we were little kids.

8:00 PM Scrumptious dinner was served at the resort. We lazed around before settling in for the night.

Toy train in Coorg
Toy train in Coorg

10:00 AM After a dip in the infinity pool at the resort, we were on the road once again; this time towards Bangalore. We made multiple stops, taking in the greenery and the pleasant vibe.

7:00 PM Returned our rental car, bid goodbye to our patient and entertaining driver and checked in.

Note: You can also travel to Coorg from Mangalore, a city in Karnataka India.

*Carry salt when you’re visiting the coffee or pepper plantations especially in the monsoon. They help get rid of the leeches.

Accommodation: Coorg Jungle Camp INR 5000 per night

Rental car from Bangalore to Bangalore: INR 1500 per day

Meals: Lunch at local cafes | Breakfast & dinner at Coorg Jungle Camp

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