• Tips to keep your phone safe while travelling
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    7 tips to keep your phone safe while travelling

    Today, mobile phones are an essential part of our existence for many reasons – we rely on it for all our contacts, it doubles up as a camera, an SOS device, a torch, a connection to the digital world and so much more. They become even more important while travelling alone or with companions to capture perfect memories in the form of photographs, video and also for quick uploads online to our social media feed. EPISODE 1  I’ve been close to each of my owned mobile handsets and still managed to lose some of them. For instance, I lost my first handset after it slipped out of my pocket while…

  • 48 hours in Coorg - The Nicologue

    48 hours in Coorg, India

    An ecstatic friend called me on a Sunday evening, exclaiming that Go Air had a sale and return tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore were available for a steal! He was booking them and wanted to know if I’d travel too. The enthusiasm in his voice rubbed off on me instantly and I jumped in and said yes instantly. It was a while since I had taken a break from routine. He also managed to get two other friends excited enough to book that evening. This was the first time I gave in to spontaneity. Only after our tickets were booked for a long weekend did four of us decide where…

  • Hampi can overwhelm you at times

    5 things you must do in Hampi

    It’s difficult to explain what a trip to the ancient village of Hampi can do to you. Thanks to the smooth blend of more-than-skeletal remains of well-planned townships, stories from the past, natural mountains made of what seems like gravity-defying boulders and an easy vibe. If you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t want to walk amongst remnants of a glorious kingdom that was modelled, constructed and attacked many years before you were even formed, Hampi is for you. Yes, you read that right. It for those who would love such an adventure and for those who might not opt for it too and this is exactly where Malaika and…