Long-haul flights are inevitable, especially if you have to get to the other side of the word quickly for either business or to explore. Long haul flights have the ability to make you cramped up, severely sore, and cranky. My longest air-time was 15 hours non-stop and even though every airline tries to make it easier for passengers, I can’t help but say they were near crucifying moments. I think it was worse because I had chosen a window seat and both women seated next to me slept almost throughout the journey. My bladder, knees, and neck were challenged like never before.

My journey would have been far better had I known how to prepare myself.

For starters, even if you’re on the lower sides of the scales, and have to pay for extra leg space or for an emergency exit seat, don’t think too much – it will be worth every penny. This will help whether you’re booked on a window seat, aisle seat or the middle. Extra leg space easily translates to comfortable seating and also no hassle while getting up for stretches.

You might also want to request for an upgrade at the check-in counter prior to boarding, you never know when you might lucky. Getting to sleep on a horizontal surface with a comfy blanket and basic amenities can make a world of a difference on long-haul flights.

Hydrate – You almost never feel satisfied with the amount of water offered in-flight. Before getting on board, use the filters at the airport and fill your water bottle. Remember to drink every now and then before you feel thirsty.

A li’l something for the hungry tummy – Nutri bars, dry snacks, chocolates, sandwiches; pick any of these that help you stay satiated. In-flight food caters to a large number of palettes and might not always tickle yours. Best if you have a quick fix for yourself rather than trying to fill up with quick bites in-flight.

Once the seat belt sign is switched off, make sure you stretch and walk down the aisle every three hours or so. Your knees will thank you.
One of the best ways of keeping yourself busy is indulging in a good pair of earphones and tuning in to a good podcast or some in-flight entertainment. You won’t realize when time passes with these. If this doesn’t fancy your taste, carry a book, Kindle or a laptop where you can keep busy till you fall asleep.

Saying bye to Zurich

Most travelers think about a Universal adapter only when they have to charge their phones in-flight and by then it’s too late. Carry a good quality universal charger whenever and wherever you’re travelling. I have always managed to charge my devices in-flight so that I don’t waste any time when I get to my destination.

Nowadays, neck pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Take your pick and don’t forget it at the security check.

Do you have suggestions for long-haul flight essentials? Share them with me.

Have a safe flight, guys!

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