A year ago, I remember working on multiple events and campaigns at a *tourism representation company in Mumbai city; working with some great minds on various tourism boards, embassies, and hotel chains. A lot has changed since then.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you would already know that I moved cities/ time zones/ countries/ (and yes) continents a while ago. It has been an all-new experience and I haven’t really talked about how my life has changed making this transition.

This post is exactly about looking back at the past few months and identifying how this change has affected my life.

In most ways, the change has been great and I wouldn’t alter a thing, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not a bed of roses. Stepping out of your home ground and moving to a new city is not all about touring, exploring and uploading fancy photographs. The last few months have been a steep learning curve and I’m sharing highlights of my experience for any of you who is in the process of moving.

First things first…

Say bye to your comfort zone

Food, culture, language; moving made me realize that there are far too many differences in each of these elements across the world.

The food you cook might not taste the way it did back home and it would have nothing to do with your culinary skills. It could simply be because, the water, available ingredients, and flavors are unlike the ones you’ve been familiar with.

Language and culture go hand in hand – People in India usually speak loudly and could be polite or rude depending on the situation. After I moved, I learned that in Canada the underlying culture is that of politeness and kindness. Everywhere I go, I hear softer, polite and kind spoken language. I’m certain that people who moved to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other parts of the world have had a similar experience.

Be opportunistic

If you had hurdles back home, here is your chance to be as opportunistic as opportunistic can get. Your move itself speaks about your ability and willingness to adapt and learn. It could also sometimes convey your grit; which all adds up to being traits that most people look for. Ever since I moved, I enrolled in a number of courses, workshops, events, seminars & webinars; something that I had not done proactively earlier because of various personal commitments. This helped me better my existing skill set while building connections.

Go out and explore

I mean this in the literal sense. Most people I know spend limited time exploring and work towards finding educational and job opportunities. I strongly suggest to go out there and visit all the iconic sights or just go walking around the city and explore it for yourself. I guarantee you will be in a better position to embrace the city and its people.

Existing friendships get difficult to maintain

Have you been in a long distance relationship with a family member/friend/significant other? If you have, you would know that it gets difficult to communicate when you don’t meet in person. After some time, there is a possibility that each of you will get on with your lives and the friendship will reduce to an acquaintance unless you make the effort to keep in touch at least once a month despite the crazy schedules and time-zones.

Where are those fellow countrymen?

Lastly, any fellow countrymen you meet will remind you of home. I’ve connected with many; classmates who had lost touch or acquaintances from yesteryears. Hang on them while you make your new connections in a new land. Some, of course, limit their networking once they have found this group, but let me tell you its always good to broaden your horizon while holding on to your roots.

I hope this post helps add some perspective. If you’ve had a similar or different experience while moving, I’d like to hear about it. Leave a comment or write to me!

*tourism representation company – Blue Square Consultants

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